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Justin. God. My Guitar and the words I pour from the trials and victories of tommorow.
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wild; untamed; feral; unsubdued.

Etymology: German.

[Angela Rizza - Wilder Things]


SPX was great fun and I was really excited to sell a bunch of the copies of Act II I’d printed! I’m putting up the remainders online here if you’re interested in getting one of your own! Each book comes with a hand-cut drawing and a signature and my gratitude!

Now let’s see if I can pivot these bad boys into an even bigger project!

Oh and if you haven’t seen them, more of the illustrations can be found here!

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television at its finest

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Sometimes that old record skips and it becomes a little less clear.
But I remember the moments that the song fell into the right place at the right time.
Yes I may have dropped it.
I may have sold it for a passing hit.
But then I remember those words and the sweat and tears that came with it.
Oh how I’m gonna strive to smooth out the cracks but keep its flaws.
Make sure that song sings louder than ever before.
But for now, I will be singing my own songs til I’m happy with my voice.

The last night at Creation.

I think I’ve realized my mistakes
And all the promises I’ve made.
No matter how hard I’ve run and how dry my lungs became I’m still my fathers son.
But amidst the wind burning my face I’ve realized that nothing in this world is more important than the road to heaven and the love of the father.
Love constantly.
Forgive always.
Never stay down.

Hasty words do not heal open wounds.
They cut deeper and make you a murderer.

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