We are nowhere and it's now
Justin. God. My Guitar and the words I pour from the trials and victories of tommorow.
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Fear is somewhat of a double edged sword,
It is the fear of God that humbles some,
It is the fear of what’s to come that drives us,
It is the fear of love lost that tolls on us,

Shall we take the moment to face fear?
Or Let it haunt us another day?
Let It throw us on grounds and walls and tables?

Help me fight fear,
Save the pauses,
Save the suspense.

All my past mistakes
Have now crawled to the surface,
Making homes in life.

http://streem.tumblr.com/post/71719290120/in-one-year-i-made-three-best-friends-graduated →


In one year I:

made three best friends

graduated from a college

fell in love

decided on a new school

got a new job

moved my life to Virginia

realized how much I love my family

cried as I watched my brother get married

have driven a 9 hour car trip so frequently it doesn’t even faze me

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